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If you would like to listen to samples of Up & Atom or All Around The World click here.

Here are the first in a series of rare and unreleased Atomsmasher tracks. All files are 128k MP3s. The three core members of Atomsmasher recorded three albums under various other guises. Some of that material is available here for the first time anywhere. Also some never before heard demos of Atomsmasher songs that did not make a final album. Right-click on the links and choose "Save Target As." to save to your hard drive.

Cartoon Violence

This full-on assault extols the virtues of a good ass-whupin'. No really, it does. This appeared on the now unavailable Tennessee Bird CD and is one of the noisiest things we've ever done. Always a big favorite live.

Fall Against Me

In 1999 and 2000 Atomsmasher recorded demos of about thirty-five songs to choose from for All Around The World. This is a darkly rockin' tune with an intentionally hilarious trumpet solo by Mr. Erenberg that did not make the final cut. The verse is sort of Cars-like while the chorus always reminded me of late 80's Robyn Hitchcock, which is logical because those are the two places I stole the ideas from.


An acoustic, nonsensical love song from the deep, dark nineties. This originally appeared on the second, cassette-only Tennessee Bird release, Buckout Road. It features my only recorded instance of playing harmonica, later taken over by Mr. Erenberg live. I also play my trusty fretless bass on this track.

J.C. Tune

Now this is a solo acoustic performance of a song written in college. There are references to death by electrocution in the lyrics, a common theme for me at the time, as I nearly got killed when I got between a microphone and a guitar plugged into a malfunctioning  amp. A truly horrifying experience. Not the song, the electrification. Thanks for the quick thinking Ron!


Another really old song that the band has always played for fun, but rarely live and never on album. This version was recorded live to 8-track in my house a few years ago. Its resignation to being screwed over seems like it must have been written by another person at this point, as I am much more selfish and quick to place the blame on others now. Admirable traits indeed.

Mom's New Car

From the first (n)ever release by the band that was to become Atomsmasher. Yes, here is a taste of Flat Stanley in all its weird, wired glory. Again, lots of death references, this time car crashes and hospital beds, as I had recently plowed my Cadillac straight into a telephone pole and shattered the windshield with my head. After the crash, the girl I was with told me I was yelling, "I'm dead! I'm dead!" and she said, "You are not dead." So I shot back, "O.k. then I'm dying! I'm dying!" I don't remember myself.


This is a demo from a few years ago that did not make it onto AATW. The finished song is slightly marred by silly mastering tricks, but I still kinda like it. Lyrics seem to be about the prospect of eminent coitus and not much else; it's hard to be sure now.

Our America

Another AATW demo with some real horns layered with some synth ones. This couldn't go on the final album 'cause its faux ska was stylistically too similar to Behind My Fears, which did make the final cut. The original version of this was much different though. It was slow and acoustic and was mentally first conceptualized sitting on a beach in Mexico at night, staring into the endless ocean. Later it got recorded yet again with full instrumentation, but still on the slow side. Finally, years later, this version emerged. Thanks to Howie Freumd, Rob Collins and Mike Fox who contributed sax, trombone and trumpet respectively.

Whyler's Not Home

One of my personal favorites. A song that evolved instrumentally over a few years, originating in a rip-off of Whip in My Valise by Adam and the Ants. The lyrics are a string of ominous sounding non-sequiturs that get interrupted live by some very loud yard work going on next door while I was writing it. This is a solo acoustic version recorded in 1999. A new fully-realized version of this song is being worked on currently for my upcoming solo CD, The Concentric Sea.


Yet another unused AATW demo. Known to the band as "The Mor-eye" It has a nice smooth sound for a demo. It's about dropping pretensions and getting back to the basics. A little too precious to actually release on CD, but here? What the hell!

All songs 2004 Edward Marshall. Atomsmasher is a registered trademark.